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The UPS guy might as well camp out at the studio these days (I suppose I should learn his name instead of calling him the UPS guy, or the FedEx dude etc…)   Another album in (Christmas, yay!!)

We can’t wait for Jacilyn and Ryan’s wedding in just over a week!  We had a great time getting to know them and their super supportive and ADORABLE relationship style.  “Can I get that for you Jacs?”  come on, you two- you should get married (or something)!  Both Ryan and Jacilyn are incredible athletes, so we worked that into our shoot.

Their talented Vancouver wedding planner, Lori Fraser– who we’ve learned has serious passion for her clients and design (love people in our industry that genuinely care for their couples like this) brought a surprise selection of customized sweets for them to enjoy for the engagement session (as in, she drove out from her house on her day off to deliver them personally to the studio!)
Ryan, who has boxed internationally for Canada, had fantastic stories to tell about his home gym… he remembers being in awe of the sketch art wall (behind him in this classic boxing portrait) when he first walked into the club when he only eleven years old.

Pure intensity.  The bag nearly hit me a few times- quite the swing Ryan has!

Extra heat.
Jacilyn looks like a perfect gazelle when she hurdles.  Her intensity matched Ryan’s when she had her eye on the prize 😉
One of my favourite images of all time.  Jacilyn, I don’t want to freak you out by framing you and putting you in my house lol!  The light on your face, the movement in your hair and the drive in your eyes is pure magic, if I do say so myself.
They LOVE blue.  We do, too. Twilight is our friend!
sweet touches
Jacilyn and her two loves 😉

carlijean - July 12, 2012 - 12:19 pm

Very beautiful, I love the black and white shot 2nd to the end.

Also, you are totally right, the hurdles shot is amazing.



So many beautiful weddings have not seen the light of day… time to change that!  Amy (an incredible florist!) and Jay had a super sweet wedding at one of our favourite venues, Hycroft.  We like to suggest that bridal parties get up to something fun if they have lots of time to enjoy before the reception: we went to Market at the Shangri-La.  I adore Market- and Jean George’s recipe for ginger-lime margaritas is arguably the very best drink on the planet (we like to hit it with a little extra ginger and a little less sugar, and perhaps more tequila, but I digress…. )  So great to see a couple of our past wedding clients at the wedding: the more hugs we get and give on the wedding day, the better!

I love this candid of final makeup touch-ups by her sweet ladies:

Green, green everywhere.  LOVE green.  Why not wear kelly green shoes?  And with pink: lovely!  Look at the eyes Jay gives Amy as he takes her arm down the aisle, best look ever.

Bright deluxe times under the portico.

Green peek!

Stunning women.  To see these stong friendships each time we shoot a wedding is a blessing.   Also in this set: Amy as Levitating Bride 😉


Amy Leigh Smith - August 8, 2012 - 4:42 pm

This venue is to die for. Looks like it was a very fun wedding.

Natalie - Butter Studios - September 4, 2012 - 1:30 am

Wow, you do amaaazing work! That levitating shot is great – perfectly composed!


Diana and Jonathan’s wedding is coming up this weekend and we couldn’t be more excited!  Jon wanted to have us join them for a trip up to Whistler on the Rocky Mountaineer train.  We’ve photographed a number of weddings in Whistler over the years- but not an engagement session up to Whistler on a train- loved it!

We ran around Whistler with overcast skies (quite lovely, those low-lying clouds in the forest), and ended up at the Barefoot Bistro for lobster fest, champagne sabre experience and vodka tasting.  Spent the night at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler and enjoyed the trip back to Vancouver by train.


One of the most spectacular parts of the trip, was our adventure to Hemloft, a secret modern tree house on crown land in Whistler (recently featured in Dwell).  Our amazing assistant and fellow photographer (based in Whistler!), Gabi was our guide- we would not have come to this magical spot without her help: thank you, Gabi!!  Please don’t ask me how to get there again as I have absolutely no idea!


Jon and Di have known each other for a decade, and they still have this absolutely beautiful, giddy love fever for each other: they can’t wait to get married and start their new life together.  I regularly catch Jonathan gushing with puppy dog eyes while Diana is talking- he doesn’t even know he’s doing it but it’s soooo delightful!

Here are some highlights from the shoot, including images of their 12X12 JONETSU Bespoke Album and a few behind the scenes shots.

These two have style for days are are truly, genuinely beautiful people:

So retro romantic, that train!!

The forest was calling

Rapid Bird

Barefoot Bistro cellar times, and crazy cold Vodka tasting room!

Behind the scenes: Chadwick, Gabi and I, hiking, squatting and CRAZY nest hair results on me!!  Diana’s hair was brilliantly smooth all shoot, and the mist left me with beautiful squirrel bangs lol.  That’s why I belong BEHIND the camera!

Thanks for the incredible times you guys…  what a shoot to remember!  Gabi, you’re such a great help to us and we love your energy: thanks again!  xo c

carlijean - July 4, 2012 - 5:05 am

beautiful images!! I get crazy squirrel bangs too.. you aren’t alone. They are very beautiful in a wispy, romantic, victorian way. 🙂

VancityAllie - July 9, 2012 - 3:57 pm

I love this shoot! Really captures Whistler well and also the couple’s gorgeous love together! Nice work!

P.S. I gotta say though, you both steal the show a little bit 😉 I love seeing photos of you guys in the shoots!!!!! You always look beautiful Camille — straight out of a painting!

Kat Stone - September 14, 2012 - 5:54 pm

Wow, this session is amazing! I went to the same elementary school and high school as Jonathan, though I don’t think he’d remember me….quite a few years apart. Awesome work!!

Karolina - November 20, 2012 - 6:20 pm

Breathtaking pictures.. I really enjoyed watching those.. Nice work! Thank you for sharing


Hi!  Trying out a new way of putting our blog posts together- not loving the way the colour/density looks on my screen- but with this method I can post weddings in an amount of time that doesn’t make me want to throw myself into the swollen Fraser River 🙂

Kim and Vic are a good time.  Their wedding allowed them to be the relaxed, fun-loving people they are.  In sunshine: beautiful, warm sunshine.  Okanagan wedding photography makes us smile, because every time we’ve shot there over the years, the sun has been HOT HOT HOT – something we are longing for this June in the Lower Mainland!

Real Weddings  (click to read!) featured Kim and Vic’s wedding at the Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon, BC.

The wedding was a fabulous Swarovski Crystal fest- from head to toe!

guys are ready- time for Kim to meet her groom…

Glorious barn and field goodness.  Worth the risk.  By the way, could there be a better looking couple?

Almost there.

Chadwick sprinted off to our room to capture this during the signing.

It appears blurry in this post (what is it with these big verticals using this program??), but we love to get huge shots of everyone at the ceremony if it’s at all possible.  Another image that is always worth the effort.  Glowing grandparents:
The ladies at Dolce Amore Weddings (out of Edmonton) were so fun to meet- so passionate about  planning and DELIVERING- they just worked their tails off so that everything would run perfectly.  Pink, sparkling fun.  Connecting with family and friends.  Elegance and humour- the flash mob song and dance was brilliant- really showed what great friends Kim and Vic are. 
Kim and Vic- love you guys!!!  xo c&c

Kim - July 10, 2012 - 12:43 pm

What an absolute honour to have had you photograph our wedding, we’re still stopped in our tracks when we see the results. Thank you a million times over for capturing such a special day!


Just a quick drop-in to say hi! 🙂

Next time we decide to renovate the studio during wedding season, please remind us of the insanity we’re currently going through.  To be fair, we did start it months ago and have had some major set backs in the form of less than stellar workmanship… but all is great now!  Finishing touches and new artwork for the gallery walls are on our list.  Albums and JONETSU Dreamscapes are coming in, new ones are being being designed and shoots are on a roll!

We’ll be introducing our new in-studio portrait offering in the next month, as well: so unique!!  Can’t wait to share.

When we get a moment to breathe, we’ll do full posts about our latest published weddings in the hot-off the presses Wedluxe, Real Weddings, Bride and Groom and the upcoming Perfect Weddings magazines.

Also coming, full posts from two more fabulous engagement sessions:

Jacilyn and Ryan:

and Diana and Jonathan:

Phew!  OK, back to work!  Wishing you and yours a wonderful day!

xo camille & chadwick

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